Monday, July 7, 2008

Strawberries--The Fruit With Anti-Aging Super Powers

(NAPSI)-An antioxidant-rich diet can aid in the fight against the harmful effects of aging.

The addition of antioxidant-rich foods into your diet may be easier than you think. According to recent studies, antioxidants in strawberries may help prevent the growth of oral, colon and prostate cancers. Strawberries have also been proven to aid in the communication of brain cells by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, two factors linked to diminished brain function.

“California strawberries are a powerhouse of nutrients which not only taste good but are good for you as well,” says Dr. Navindra Seeram, assistant professor in the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory at the University of Rhode Island. “A key factor in many cases of cancer is unrepaired damage to DNA. The antioxidant power of strawberries helps protect DNA from damage. They are true super berries!”

One way to add this “superberry” into your diet is with the classic combination of strawberries and cream. Eating strawberries and cream--or other high-fat foods--together will help reduce the damage to the circulatory system and heart that would normally occur when high-fat foods are eaten. Studies also suggest eating strawberries with cream gives the strawberry antioxidants more time to be absorbed by the body, thus making their antioxidant properties that much more powerful.

Jazz up your traditional strawberries and cream with a savory twist. Drizzle a splash of balsamic vinegar over fresh berries and add a dollop of Devonshire cream for a quick and delicious antioxidant-rich treat.

Available year-round, one serving exceeds the recommended daily amount for vitamin C. Additionally, strawberries are very low in sugar and are a source of fiber, potassium and vitamin B, which can prevent birth defects and contribute to heart health by helping to control cholesterol.

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Healthy living can be the berries: An antioxidant-rich diet can aid in the fight against the harmful effects of aging, especially in the heart and brain, as well as changes in cells that can lead to cancer.

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