Monday, August 4, 2008

More Meat-eaters Trying Vegan Foods for Taste, Health and Safety

(ARA) – Ah, the love of the burger – it’s a unifying American experience. But if the fat content in fast food burgers makes your heart burn with shame, and meat recalls have you worrying about what’s in that burger you made at home, you’re not alone. Is it any wonder that interest in vegan alternatives to traditional meat meals is on the rise – even among people who still consider themselves meat-eaters?

“People are understandably concerned about what they’re serving their families,” says Gary Torres of Food for Life, a vegan food company that is seeing increased interest in meat-free foods. “But it’s not just confirmed vegans who are seeking these alternatives. We’re seeing increased interest in vegetarian and vegan foods by people who don’t consider themselves to be followers of either lifestyle.”

The health advantages and expanded availability of more vegan choices seem to be key factors inspiring more people to incorporate meat-free meals into their lifestyles, Torres says.

Not sure if you can incorporate vegetarian or vegan foods into your family’s diet? Consider the following:

* A simple Google search turns up hundreds of Web sites designed to help you “go vegan.” In fact, you can even find sites that will help you locate restaurants in your area that serve vegan or vegetarian dishes.

* It’s easier than ever to find cookbooks filled with delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes you can prepare at home.

* Numerous studies point to the health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets – from help in losing weight to alleviating symptoms of some types of arthritis and diabetes.

* Vegan and vegetarian food products are going mainstream in grocery stores. Many products deliver the benefits of vegan foods without sacrificing the flavor and texture consumers demand. For example, Food for Life’s new baked (not fried) Moophrey burgers mimic the flavor and texture of quality ground beef. And in taste tests conducted by the company, more kids chose baked Cluckphrey Patties over traditional chicken nuggets. Both products are made with all-natural, non-genetically modified vegetable ingredients. Visit to learn more.

And if you’re still not convinced that vegan foods fit into your family’s lifestyle, consider this – you may already have vegan foods in your pantry. Items you already use, but never knew were vegan range from Kool-Aid and Fritos to Sunbeam bread, Krispy Kreme fruit pies and Ore-Ida Tater Tots, according to

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