Monday, October 5, 2009

Slow Cookers Save Time During Busy Holidays

(NAPSI)-A slow cooker may be a quick way to limit time spent preparing meals during the busy holiday season. The handy appliance can be left alone to work, freeing you to do other errands. And their low heat helps blend flavors and keeps foods moist and delicious.

For instance, slow-cooked Easy Italian Meatballs can be served for a tasty weeknight dinner or as an unforgettable appetizer when entertaining. They're made by simply placing frozen meatballs and a favorite jarred sauce in a slow cooker and heating for a number of hours.

You can make the entire process even easier by using a product such as Reynolds® Slow Cooker Liners. The liners keep food from baking onto your slow cooker. When you're ready to clean up, simply toss the liner and you're done. No more baked-on mess to soak or scrub. Just remember this tip: Store your slow cooker liners in the cooker itself. That way, you'll have them when you need them.

Easy Italian Meatballs

1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liner

1 package (about 38 oz.) Italian-style frozen meatballs (about 76 meatballs)

1 jar (28 to 32 oz.) pasta or spaghetti sauce

Open liner and place inside a 5- to 6½-quart slow cooker bowl. Fit liner snugly against the bottom and sides of bowl; pull top of liner over rim of bowl.

Place meatballs and sauce in slow cooker liner; stir gently. Place lid on slow cooker.

Cook on low for 6 to 7 hours OR on high for 3 to 4 hours until meatballs are hot.

Carefully remove lid to allow steam to escape. Serve meatballs directly from slow cooker liner using a wooden or plastic utensil. Do not lift or transport liner with food inside. Cool slow cooker completely, remove liner and throw away.

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