Friday, November 13, 2009

Delicious And Festive Traditional Fare

(NAPSI)-One tasty way to honor the nation's Founding Fathers is to sample a dish that might have appeared on their menus and is still prepared in some of the nation's oldest inns.

Back in Colonial times, hungry settlers headed to the taverns and inns that dotted the Colonies. Some of those same establishments still serve up delicious traditional fare.

In Pennsylvania's oldest continuously operating country inn, the William Penn Inn, the Penn family zucchini bread is still baked daily. General Lafayette Inn & Brewery was part of the Barren Hill encampment in 1778. It serves Colonial-inspired dishes like meat loaf and crab cakes.

Historic General Warren Inne, once a Tory stronghold, was renamed in honor of an American hero who died during the Battle of Bunker Hill. The inn now serves a variety of Continental cuisine.

Legend has it that Colonial troops quenched their thirst from a water pump at The Old Guard House Inn. The inn offers this mouthwatering, easy recipe, ideal for holiday entertaining.


serves 1

2 4-oz. cold-water lobster tails

1 oz. flour

1 egg

2 oz. butter

Salt and pepper

Remove lobster meat from the shell. Slice tails down the middle. Roll in flour. Dip tails in egg wash. Melt butter in sauté pan. Place lobster in hot sauté pan, sauté for 2 minutes per side. Serve with your favorite vegetables: asparagus, corn, etc.


Soft roll, toasted

1 cold-water lobster tail

1 oz. butter

Salt and pepper


3 parts mayonnaise

1 part ketchup

Salt and pepper

Grand Marnier to taste

Prepare lobster tail the same way as Lobster Guard House. Brush both halves of the roll with lobster sauce. Place lobster in roll.

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