Friday, March 12, 2010

Lemon Chalet Crème Girl Scout Cookie is safe!

Product is safe to eat, while some of the cookies may have an “off smell or taste”

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta has received telephone calls from some consumers of the Girl Scout Lemon Chalet Crème Cookie, reporting that there is an “off taste and smell”. “Product sampling was conducted and determined that although the cookies are safe to eat, certain lots contain oils that may be breaking down, which can result in an ‘off taste and smell’ and are not up to our quality standards,” says Don Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Little Brownie Bakers in Louisville, KY. No other Girl Scout Cookie varieties in the Girl Scout Cookie product line are affected by this quality withdrawal.

Fortunately, this is a taste issue, not a public safety issue. Girl Scout Lemon Chalet Crème Cookies are SAFE to eat; they may have an unpleasant odor from certain oils used to make the cookies. To maintain quality of the iconic brand of Girl Scout Cookies, LBB is choosing to proceed with a Quality Withdrawal and Product Replacement. “We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to those who have supported Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta through the purchase of Lemon Chalet Crème Cookies,” says Gary Key, Vice President of Development, Marketing and Communication. “We have set up a customer hotline at 770.702.9135 to assist customers with replacement of the cookies with their choice of flavors.” This situation affects only 6.5% of Lemon Chalet Crème Cookies baked for the nation-wide 2010 Girl Scout Cookie Program. For more information, please visit our web site, In addition, consumers can visit the Little Brownie Baker website to obtain a Kellogg product coupon refund.

Of the affected 15 lots, 8 were shipped to our area: 7455882; 7455883; 7458522; 7457661; 7458521; 7459401; 7456741 and 7459403. The lot codes are printed directly on the bottom flap of the box of cookies.
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