Friday, November 12, 2010

Cool Food For Kids

(NAPSI)-With a growing obesity crisis in America, now is the time to help children understand more about healthy food choices, well-balanced meals, portion control and the benefits of increased physical activity. With most families constantly on the go, however, dining together at home, healthful eating and family exercise often go by the wayside.

Fortunately, you can find help in the frozen-food aisles of your local grocery store to easily bring your family together at mealtime. Whether it’s a complementary side dish or a complete ready-to-heat-and-eat meal, there are many great-tasting, nutritious options you can get from the freezer to the table in minutes—and all for a very good value.

Special deals on many popular frozen foods were found in October when the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) celebrates Cool Food for Kids. Try these Cool Tips from the NFRA to help develop healthful family lifestyles:

• Check serving sizes on the nutrition labels to keep your food portions at just the right amount.

• Frozen foods can make it easy to put a cool dinner together—try frozen vegetables, potatoes, chicken or fish.

• Get your family up and moving by planning fun activities after dinner.

Most importantly, get your day started off with a great breakfast, such as this one:

Morning Glory Egg Sandwich

2 frozen “everything” bagels, thawed and toasted

⅓ cup frozen chopped mixed peppers, thawed

1½ cups egg substitute

3 Tbsp fat-free milk

¼ cup part-skim mozzarella cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Coat skillet with cooking spray. Add peppers; cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Whisk egg substitute and milk together; pour into skillet with peppers, and stir occasionally while cooking, until eggs reach desired doneness. Stir in cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Spoon half mixture on each toasted bagel. Serve with “heat and serve” fully prepared turkey sausage and a calcium-rich orange juice, if desired. Serves 2.

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