Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Over the Moon Delivers Creamy, Rich-Tasting Milk Without All the Fat

Tired of sacrificing the rich, creamy taste of whole milk in exchange for the health benefits of drinking fat free milk? Now, finishing your milk is a real treat as Dean Foods Company rolls out the Over the Moon line nationwide – delivering to milk drinkers an indulgent taste with the health benefits of fat free or low fat that they can feel good about.

For consumers who have resolved to have a healthier diet in 2009, Over the Moon goes above and beyond ordinary low fat and fat free milk to deliver a wholly satisfying taste without the fat. Real fat free and low fat milk is fortified with 16% more calcium and 25% more protein than regular milk – which gives it the richer, creamier taste. Over the Moon comes in 1% low fat milk, fat free milk and fat free chocolate milk half gallon cartons.

“Research shows that while consumers who drink whole and 2% milk make up more than half of the milk category, more and more consumers are turning toward low fat milk,” said Rick Zuroweste, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Dean Foods. “Consumers are looking for healthier solutions – and Over the Moon provides the best of both worlds”.

Over the Moon was successfully introduced in supermarkets throughout New England and upstate New York in 2005 and has experienced an outstanding repeat purchase rate of 70%.

Zuroweste continued, “ We call the product ‘Over the Moon’ because our consumers think a great tasting, rich, creamy milk without the fat is so good, that it’s simply over the moon.”

Over the Moon milk can be found in the specialty milk section of the dairy aisle (usually adjacent to the regular gallon and half-gallon milk section).
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