Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pet Dairy Introduces New Pint Packaging and Flavors

PET Dairy announced today a brand new look for its pint ice cream packaging. The new packaging features fresh, new graphics to reflect a more premium image and makes the container more consistent with the quality of PET’s ice cream products.

The contemporary new packaging, which was created to achieve better visibility in the freezer case, features a blend of bold blue colors, fun type design and images of delicious ice cream.

In addition to the new packaging, PET has also made two of its most popular ice cream flavors available in pints. Heavenly Hash features chocolate ice cream with roasted almond pieces and rich chocolate chips swirled with marshmallow sauce. Strawberry features creamy strawberry ice cream mixed with chunks of real strawberries.

PET’s new pint packaging as well as the two new pint flavors, along with Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Pecan and Cookies N’ Cream, are available to consumers in stores now.
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