Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clementines from Spain, Winter's Sweetest Citrus, Arrive in Atlanta

/PRNewswire/ -- Juicy. Easy to peel. Bursting with flavor. Clementines from Spain, winter's seasonal delight and popular fruit snack, have hit the grocery aisles of Atlanta, and local favorite Chef Hector Santiago is sharing the sweetness! Available during their peak season of December through February, these juicy gems play a starring role on the menu of one of Atlanta's most popular restaurants. To celebrate the Clementines from Spain season, Chef Santiago has developed signature dishes that serve up these tasty treats, adding a burst of citrus to his Spanish-influenced cuisine.

The world's best clementines originate in Spain. Known for their superior quality and their trademark sun-kissed sweet, juicy taste, Clementines from Spain are a delicious delight looked forward to and enjoyed by adults, children and chefs, each year. Spain is also the world's largest producer and exporter of this citrus fruit, exporting an average of 579 million tons to the United States each year.

Refreshingly sweet and easy to peel, Clementines from Spain make a great on-the-go snack during this busy time of year. They are nutrient-packed, offering a good source of vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium and contain only about 50 calories each. Packaged in charming five-pound crates, they are also a welcome holiday gift for family and friends.

But they're for more than just snacking. Professional chefs and home cooks alike know that they can add a twist of citrus freshness and flavor to their holiday meals and menus by incorporating this season's star ingredient.

Local Atlanta Chef Hector Santiago, owner of Pura Vida, eagerly awaits this time of year when Clementines from Spain - one of his favorite seasonal ingredients - become available. Chef Santiago is an expert when it comes to understanding the freshest flavors and ingredients from Spain. Chef Santiago recently debuted new signature menu items at Pura Vida that capture the season's finest ingredient. "I look forward to this time of year when Clementines from Spain start arriving," says Santiago. "They are a very versatile ingredient, and their crisp citrus essence adds the perfect zesty lift. I use the juice, the zest or even the whole fruit in everything from salads and soups to main dishes and of course, desserts."

Chef Hector Santiago offers the following recipe ideas for home cooks looking to add a citrus note of flair and flavor to their dishes and holiday menus:

-- Clementines from Spain Chipotle Roasted Chicken - An easy recipe to do
at home, this entree plays on the sweet-spicy flavor combinations that
Chef Santiago loves to work with. The Clementines from Spain have the
perfect tenderness and sweet-tart balance that allows for the entire
fruit to be eaten in this dish.
-- Clementines from Spain-Pumpkin Seed Bread - This bread is based on a
classic orange bread but features Clementines from Spain and adds
pumpkin seeds. It is great as a breakfast or brunch bread or with
afternoon tea.

And, at a time when nutritional fresh produce is in demand and the number of people visiting food banks is on the rise, the Trade Commission of Spain is sharing the sweetness of the season and donating crates of Clementines from Spain to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

For the full seasonal recipes featuring Clementines from Spain from Chef Santiago's kitchen at Pura Vida, visit A new "Chef's Corner" section on the site features these recipes along with other Spanish-inspired culinary creations from notable chefs, along with tips and nutrition information.

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