Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I saw a story earlier today about Oklahoma City going on a diet. The mayor wants the city to lose a million pounds as part of its New Year's resolution.

Across the country people are going on diets and attempting to keep resolutions made on new year's day. There are diets for ever lifestyle and every whim.

A few of us who are contributing to the County Cuisine (Fayette Front Page) were talking about the story and we have decided we are going to include some healthy tips on occasion. We are all committed to good eating and good health. You, our readers, are invited to send us your healthy recipes and tips. We will be setting up a special email which will be posted soon (we would do it now, but with all the spammers out there we don't want to use our personal computers so we're considering options).

Here's the story that sparked our healthy conversations:

One of America's 'Fattest' Cities Goes on Diet
OKLAHOMA CITY — With a button-popping spread of cornbread, sausage and gravy, chicken fried steak and pecan pie designated as Oklahoma's official state meal, it's no surprise that Oklahoma City's mayor wants to put the city on a diet. Mick Cornett has challenged the city to shed 1 million pounds as its New Year's resolution.,2933,320187,00.html

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