Thursday, January 3, 2008

Super Subway on South 85 Fayetteville

Some days cooking is impossible. Sitting down at a "nicer" restaurant is likewise out due to time constraints. Choices boil down to tossing something in the microwave, calling out for pizza or Chinese or running through a drive thru restaurant.

Then, there is the take-out option at Subway.

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything took longer than it should and the idea of a microwave dinner didn't appeal in the least.

On the way home I was mentally going through all the options I'd pass on the way. Wendy's, Chic-fil-A, the grocery stores, and the option that grabbed my taste buds, Subway.

I zipped into the Publix shopping center (on Hwy. 85, Fayetteville going south out of town) and managed to get a parking spot right smack in front of Subway. I was meant to be there!

I wasn't the only one who was tempted by their great sandwiches and salads, the line was fairly long. It was cold, not worth going back out to the car so I made the sacrifice. I hate lines.

It went amazingly fast. In no time my sandwiches were made and I was ready to check out. I have to commend the staff, manager, and owner of that Subway. They were courteous, extremely helpful and really, really nice.

I thought my hubbie would like a bowl of their chicken and dumpling soup. Perfect for a cold, cold day. There wasn't enough for a full bowl so the nice folks gave me what was left at no charge. Now I know that's not really a monumental thing in the scheme of things, but what it showed me is that they were nice people. That small thing will have me telling my friends how nice they are and will have me driving past another Subway to patronize that store.

You kind of expect to get the same food from one chain or franchise to the next. Even though the food may be the same, the quality often isn't. Soggy lettuce, watery soup, overcooked burgers and stale sandwiches that have been sitting under the heat lamps for too long are just a few things that set one franchise off from another of the same name.

I always enjoy Subway. They have great choices, you can eat as healthy as you want and you get great value for your hard earned dollars.

The Subway I stopped at last night was a cut above the norm. The people are what made the difference.

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