Saturday, October 25, 2008

Five Smart Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

(ARA) - What’s a shopper to do when the prices of grocery staples are going through the roof? Erin Gifford, grocery savings expert with, offers five ways to save serious money at the supermarket this week.

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Coupons: There are many more places to find coupons today than the Sunday paper. Online coupon Web sites let you select the coupons you want to print and cut out to use at your grocery store. Also, frequent the Web sites of your favorite brands for printable coupons and sign up for special coupon offers by mail or e-mail.

You can even go online to order coupons at a site like for a few cents each. This is great if you want to stock up on sale items and need more than one coupon to use with each item you buy.

2. Maximize Your Store Loyalty Card: If you don’t have a store loyalty card, sign up for one. It’s one of the easiest ways to save money on groceries each week. Many loyalty programs send extra coupons in the mail or e-mail, and even offer discounts on the food bill once a certain amount is spent in the store.

Some loyalty card users can also take advantage of electronic coupons, like those at These coupons can be loaded onto store loyalty cards and automatically redeemed at checkout. No printing or clipping necessary.

3. Be a Strategic Coupon User: Some retailers, such as Target and Walgreens, offer special coupons that can only be used at their stores. You can use these coupons along with manufacturer’s coupons on the same product for extra savings. By doubling up you can sometimes get products for free or nearly free.

Some grocery stores also double or triple coupons and often only on certain days of the week. Check your local store and shop the days when they’re multiplied for maximum savings.

4. Look for Rebates and Free-bates: A great way to save is through rebates and free-bates, which refund you the full purchase price. You can make money in some cases when you use a coupon and then get a full price free-bate. The ads for these deals can lure you in so don’t forget to send in the forms.

5. Read Money-Saving Blogs: Check out money-saving blogs that share with readers shopping tips and advice, coupons, free samples and round-ups of the best deals at local grocery stores. These Web sites have taken the work out of matching coupons with great sales to help you save money. Two to check out are and

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