Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need My Mudslide, Mr Kroger Buyer!

Have you ever been addicted?  Really addicted to a coffee creamer?

I have to admit I have found one that has me pouring the caffeine down the old gullet every day.  And to think, I don't really like coffee!

I stumbled across the White Chocolate Mudslide Coffee Creamer made by International Delight over the holidays when I was purchasing fun treats for the holiday guests.  Striving to be the perfect hostess, I poured myself a small cup of coffee and added some of the creamer.  After all, I should be willing to at least sample what I serve to my guests!

Well, one bottle of creamer and a pot of coffee later, I realized I was hooked.  This stuff is fabulous.  The taste of the white chocolate combined with the non-alcohol Irish Creme had us all scrambling back into the kitchen to refill our cups.  I went out and bought every bottle I could find at my local Kroger store.

This week, I went back in search of the Mudslide as my spouse is starting to growl that the last bottle is empty!  Eeeekkkkkkk.

Oh no!  The shelf is empty.  Starting to panic and watch the shortness of breath setting in, I spotted an employee.  Quick.  Run.

"Would you please check to see if there is more Mudslide in the back?  If not, when?"

"It's not coming back."


"We have a national buyer now so we can only get what THEY say we like.  Go to the front and fill out a form so we can let the national buyer know what we like.  Besides, the new flavor just isn't selling."

What do you mean?  A national buyer who lives 'who knows where' and knows my intimate taste bud likes and dislikes?  What's next?  No more yellow grits?

Hmm, I wonder how the last drop of mudslide will taste in my diet soda? Or should I tear off the top and see if I can use a spatula to get it out?

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