Thursday, September 2, 2010

Question: Can you overdose on Greek Quinoa Salad?

Answer: not if you only buy one pint at the Dekalb Farmers Market (A World Market) and live over 40 miles away...

Sadly, it's true. I live over 40 miles from the Dekalb Farmers Market. When I go I always hit the salad deli over in the cheese department area. I take home Greek Quinoa Salad, Tabbouleh, their seafood salad, couscous salad and others. I always try to find one I haven't had before, but that's becoming a rare occurrence since I usually pick up at least five different ones. For days I pig out on a smorgasbord of wonderful and sometimes unusual concoctions.

In case you've never been, it's worth a trip. You will find every kind of food imaginable in the Market. They have an outstanding selection of organic (and non-organic) veggies, one of the best wine selections I've ever seen in a grocery / market, great cheeses, a huge fish market, foods from around the world and beautiful flowers. You can buy most items in bulk, too. I always try to buy one thing that I've never had before, usually something I can't pronounce. I was rushing this trip so didn't get anything unusual, although I imagine many of you would crinkle your nose at some of what I consider 'normal'

Back to my salads: I don't live near any store that carries a similar, or even remotely similar, selection. I'm also lazy when it comes to making my own, especially since I am the only one in the household who'd think about eating a salad that included squid, couscous or quinoa. By the time I buy the ingredients and put them together I could drive to Dekalb and buy an assortment -- without the waste. It's impossible to buy just a little bit of all the ingredients that are needed for some of the more exotic salads.

I honestly think I could overdose on their Greek Quinoa Salad. The combination of quinoa, red onion, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and all the other stuff they toss in is, to use a fancy gastronomical gourmet term, yummy

The only reason I'm writing about the salad is because I'm taking my lunch break while working on finishing off the container of Greek Quinoa Salad. Gone, gone, gone and I could eat more.

OK, lunch break is almost over. If the salads I mentioned don't entice you, the breads probably will. I was lucky on Monday and they had a table set up with samples. Guess who brought home more bread than intended? I always stock up on their muffins, but this time I also grabbed a nice grouping of breads that I had to toss in the freezer. When will we ever eat that much bread? I need a bigger freezer!

What's your favorite at the Dekalb Farmers Market? Do you have a similar store near you? Here's a link if you'd like to check 'em out: For my artist friends, Mudfire is right up the road, less then 5 minutes if you'd like to stop in and see the pottery before shopping! Instead of turning into the Dekalb Farmers Market, turn in the opposite direction, go up the road less than a mile and Mudfire is on the left. Make it an outing - what could be better than great pottery and good food? Which reminds me, they also have a cafeteria at the Dekalb Farmers Market. Here's a link to Mudfire:

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