Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atlanta's Antico Pizza Napoletana Wins International Award from World-Renowned Italian Authority

/PRNewswire/ -- Molto bene! Known across the Southeast for its unrivaled quality, flavor and ambiance, Antico Pizza Napoletana is very good, indeed – and is quickly becoming known globally. Italy's own Festa Della Pizza, held annually in the birthplace of pizza near Naples, has recognized Antico for its award-winning take on tradition (video: Antico Pizza Napoletana), naming the Atlanta favorite as a Top in Class pizzeria.

The Festa Della Pizza draws thousands of visitors from around the world over a two-week celebration. The organization bestows its Top in Class honor among certified entities across the globe. Pizza crafters the world over work toward the Traditional Specialties Guaranteed certification, given by the European Commission's Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione. IMCERT awards STG certification to restaurants committed to using authentic ingredients, including the Italian Molino San Felice flour, to prepare the most quintessential Italian Neopolitan pizza.

This year's event honored pizza makers in Italy, Japan and the United States. Among the eligible certified pizzerias in the United States, Antico was named winner of the Festa Della Pizza's Top in Class award. Along with other winning pizzerias in Italy and Japan, Antico was invited participate in a live, online pizza-crafting event, broadcast at the Festa Della Pizza on September 10.

"To even be considered for this is a tremendous honor for me and my family. This recognition in Naples for pizza is like winning an Oscar in Hollywood; we are beyond thrilled," said Di Palma. Ever the innovator, Di Palma has a healthy respect for tradition and pizza crafters everywhere. He looks forward to propelling Anitco to continued growth.

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